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“Write while the heat is in you. … The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with.”
—Henry David Thoreau

So ask yourself: In a world where self publishing or you becoming an Indie (Independant) author is on a rise how do you compete with the massive publishers like Random House or Penguin?
You cannot.... That is wrong!

You are able to compete you just need a second or third pair of eyes on your tresured Manuscript. At CN Writers & Publishers we take you on a journey from initial instruction to publication. We stay with you at each step of your journey and our fees are resonable too.

CN Writers & Publishers will help you with
  • Editing your Manuscript
  • Formatting your Manuscript
  • Cover design
  • eBook formatting
All from as little as 30%* of royalties on sales. The more you do the more royalties you earn
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I do need to let you know that CNWriters & Publishers offer two pricing scales.

  1. One is for CNWAP to publish you(Contract Service)
  2. Stand alone Services (non contract service).

Our non contract services are paid for up front whilst our Contracted services are paid for out of the percentage of royalties CN Writers & Publishers earn. 

Pricing in Detail

CN Writers & Publishers will do it all for you (except writing your novel!) and for that, we will take 70% of royalties.
Want to do some of it yourself you are able to mix and match for example You are a teacher so you do not need us to edit your manuscript but you do need help with Formatting and Book cover design. It may be cheaper for you to use our Stand alone services
Feel free to email us we usually respond within 24 hours. 
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