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A Warm Welcome to CN Writers & Publishers

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.  ~Anaïs Nin
Good day, and welcome to Chipping Norton Writers. Your place for cheap competitions! I have setup this page to give the unsung heroes of writing (You Guys) another chance at winning some lolly.  Also, please use this site if you want to promote your writing.

Usually we run competitions on a Quarterly basis. At the moment, we are running several competitions.
  1. Competitions
    We usually run writing competitions every quarter. We run The Big One every quarter as well as several others, Follow the link below for further info
  2. CNW Publishers
    Chipping Norton Writers usually help authors publish their books. We have several paid for packages or you can let CNW do it all for you
  3. Critique Service
    CN Writers offer a critique service. This is where we check through you MS and pick any fault and make suggestions on improvements
Current Competitions
Publishing Services
Critique Services



Who is CNW

Who is Behind CNW

Chipping Norton Writers & Publishers is a new(ish!!) publisher who publishes compendium's of short stories of various genres but CNW does prefer to read and represent writers of horror or ghost stories. 
Click here for further information

CNW's other arm is writing competitions as mentioned above. Primarily we have at least one competitions running every quarter. This is the seasonal big one where the winner gets a publication in a compendium and also 50% of all the fees entered WOW!! whilst the runner-up gets a publication and  25% of all the fees. We also have a picture prompt competition, amongst others
Chipping Norton Writers is run by Andy Hesford. Andy initially only wanted to create a page to help writers with cheap competitions.

Andy has been writing for several years under the name Dean Hodsfry. Current published books are Five Minute fiction and also is credited with Muses of the writers. Chipping Norton writers also have several books available for sale

Dean Hodsfry online

Helping CNWAP

Everybody needs a helping hand once in a while, small companies like Chipping Norton Writers do too. That is where you come in. Chipping Norton writers are a not for profit company but we have costs and overheads. Like most of you. So we are looking for donations. More money in the pot equals bigger and better competitions

Why should I Donate?
CNWAP is a not for profit organisation. We require donations for advertising, domain charges and specialist external parties such as cover designers because a book does not sell if the design is rubbish.

What if you are in a profitable situation at the end of the year?
If we are lucky to be in that situation then CNWriters and Publishers will retain up to 50% of the profit for ongoing purchases and administration costs(as mentioned above) and the other 50% we will distribute to local Chipping Norton town charities.

If you want to donate regularly use the below PayPal box

  1. Donate
    Feel free to donate £1, £10 or an amount of your choosing
  2. Sponsor a competition
    Have you ever wanted the "Your Name" Writing Competition well email us to find our more
  3. Purchase Our Books
    Please go to our current catalogue page and purchase a book
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If you do not wish to support us financially do you have a particular skill you can offer free of charge such as Cover Design, proofreading, or any other service you can think of to offer (No offers that will cost us money i.e. getting us to page one on google or SEO. I got that covered)  

Feel free to email me on ​ [email protected] quoting you service offer in the subject bar


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